Juventus punished with a 15-point deduction after an investigation into their transfers

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    After an investigation into their financial transactions, the national soccer federation (FIGC) docked Juventus 15 points. The announcement came on Friday after an Italian court’s investigation. 

    Fabio Paratici, the club’s former owner, who’s presently at Tottenham Hotspur, has got a 30-month ban.

    Juventus’ 15 points were deducted after an investigation into their financial dealings

    As per the investigation, the club executive falsified financial accounts between 2018 and 2020. Juventus currently stands in third place on the Serie A scoreboard with 37 points, but with a 15 points deduction, it will drop to 11th place with 22 points. As it signifies, Juventus will stand with Bologna and Empoli in that case. 

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    Fabio Paratici has been banned for 2.5 years, and Andrea Agnelli has been disqualified for two years. The CEO, Maurizio Arrivabene, has also been imposed with a two-year suspension, while former vice chairman Pavel Nedved is suspended for eight months. 

    As of now, Paratici’s suspension is only limited to FIGC-related activities. The ban isn’t eligible for England, but there’s a request to extend it to all UEFA and FIFA remits.

    The club denies any unethical activities

    Juventus object and wrongdoing and states that its accounting has adhered to the industry standards, but they admit certain salary misinterpretations “may be subject to different interpretations.”

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    There’s room for appeal, but the current issue is with the Club Financial Control Body First Chamber’s reaction. Last year in August, they settled with Juventus over potential breaches of the Club Licensing and FFF rules. 

    The club’s financial state was different as analyzed by CFCB First Chamber during that time of the settlement. 

    The appeal process is available for all punishments, and this case isn’t an exception either.

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