ICC suggested six teams cricket tournament for both men and women in the Olympics

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    The ICC suggested a six-team T20 event for both men and women in the upcoming Olympics. If the proposal gets accepted, cricket will have the chance to get featured in the biggest global sports tournament. Earlier, the reports suggested that the sport couldn’t make it to the 2028 LA Olympics but no final decision has been taken to date and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is will be submitting the list of new sports by march.

    If it gets featured then, the tournament’s structure is another thing to be decided. It’s possible that the tournament will have a 20-overs format as recommended by IOC to ICC. The IOC also informed ICC that the event must not be compromised even if they get permission. Thus, only six teams will be getting a chance to play in the tournament.

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    The main reason why the ICC suggested the six-team model helps the IOC make a more cost-efficient model in the strategic plan of “Olympic Agenda 2020+5”. The IOC has decided to have fewer squads in all the events. The total athlete quota at the 2024 Paris Games is 10,500. In 2021, the number was 11,300 which was held in Tokyo.

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    “Evolving the event-based programme with a key focus on simplifying the venue master plan, and reducing cost and complexity in each sport”- the IOC highlighted

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    Both the men’s and women’s events is going to be hosted at the same ground due to some complications in the facilities. Cricket requires a lot of pitches for training, and the organizing team may not be able to provide the space. For this reason. the matches will be taking place in one place.

    Jay Shah who’s the BCCI representative of ICC said that it was a strategic move. The International Olympic Committee has stated India as the main market and is aware of the country’s ambition to host the Olympics in the future. Shah’s inclusion was necessary and with his negotiations can prove beneficial for the moment.

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