Jose Gimenez and Edinson Cavani facing suspensions following their actions during World Cup 2022

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    Football has indeed been a very physical game from its start, and the tradition has been carried out by individuals of today’s generation too. It can either be a physical fight or the fight of words, for which Jose Gimenez and Edinson Cavani faced a four and one-match ban, respectively.

    Uruguay has been facing some major transactions since its elimination from the World Cup last month, and the players lost control. Uruguay defeated Ghana by a score of 2-0. However, it was still not enough for them to qualify for the knockouts. This led several players to chase down the officials in the tunnel. The players demanded a penalty, which was primarily not given by the match officials, that led to unpleasant scenes during full-time.

    Jose Gimenez and Edinson Cavani’s actions

    Reports state that Jose Gimenez full-time, the game called the referee’s thieves, and even told them some other severe slang. And eventually, in the form of punishment, the Atletico Madrid defender will now be suspended for 4 matches. And addition to that, he has also been fined an amount of 17,500 pounds from football community service. This was fortunate for the La Liga heavyweight that the ban on Jose Gimenez will not expand beyond La Liga.

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    However, Jose Gimenez wasn’t the only player who faced the consequences; Edinson Canavi joined him on this list too. The former Man United striker, along with Diego Godin, faced a one-match ban for their unpleasant actions. Cavani primarily unleashed on a VAR machine, punched it while he was walking, and next, he just went on to the dressing room alongside his teammates.

    Reports state that the Uruguayan FA will have to play their next home match, but having a reduced capacity, and in addition to that, they have been fined 43,000 pounds too.

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