John Wick Game might soon be developed by Lionsgate

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    A potential new AAA John Wick game may be in the works, according to a recent interview with the Lionsgate CEO. A prequel series is reportedly being developed for the well-known Keanu Reeves-starring film series about an ex-hitman coming out of retirement. The brand has rarely been given the chance to excel as a video game, despite its great appeal.

    The Gamer says that Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer discussed the company’s interest in a John Wick AAA release during a recent earnings call. According to the publication, the game would probably be a considerably bigger undertaking than John Wick Hex, which had mixed reviews when it came out in 2019. To avoid jumping ahead, Feltheimer said, “I don’t want to go ahead of myself here, but we believe there is a massive triple-A game to be built out of John Wick,” but he refrained from saying much more. It seems that Lionsgate is now simply taking concepts for a new John Wick game and hasn’t yet committed to developing one.

    A significant John Wick film has a great deal of potential to be a huge commercial hit.

    Although the John Wick series as a concept alone is potent enough to sell a game in and of itself, having Keanu Reeves play the lead character would take a AAA game into the realm of sure success. In addition to being possibly one of the most well-liked public figures in today’s culture, Keanu Reeves’ portrayal of a character in Cyberpunk 2077 undoubtedly helped the game’s sales significantly.

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    John Wick
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    His inclusion in a John Wick game would likely have a similar effect on the new game: many people will purchase it out of affection for Keanu Reeves. That isn’t to suggest that a Lionsgate John Wick video game wouldn’t need to be of the highest calibre if Reeves were in charge of it; it would still need to improve on the areas where John Wick Hex fell short. As one of the primary criticisms of John Wick Hex was how it failed to replicate the intensity of the John Wick franchise, the new game would probably need to adopt a faster-paced approach with its gameplay in order to succeed.

    However, Reeves’ status as the protagonist does seem to make it simpler to overlook problems. Even though Cyberpunk 2077 had some of the worst issues of any game that had ever been released at the time of its release, it nevertheless managed to do relatively well in terms of sales. While the intriguing premise of the game had a role in this, it is impossible to ignore Keanu Reeves’ inclusion. However, unless Lionsgate continues with production, all fans can do is dream up what a future John Wick AAA game may entail.

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