Jalen Hurts signs the biggest contract in NFL history

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    The Philadelphia Eagles and their starting quarterback and NFL star Jalen Hurts have signed up for terms on five years, 255-million-dollar contract extension that will place him as the highest-paid player in NFL history. 

    Jalen Hurts to be the highest-paid player in NFL history

    The official confirmation regarding the agreement has already come from the Eagles franchise, which ensures Jalen Hurts stays in Philadelphia for the next six seasons. 

    A no-trade clause has been added to the deal, which is a first for the Philadelphia Eagles and indicates that they’re highly confident in the 24-year-old star. 

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    The Eagle superstar can earn an extra 15 million dollars in incentives, which could have him receiving just over 274 million dollars through 2028 which also includes just over 4 million for the final year of his rookie deal. 

    It’s a magnificent deal to sign for the star quarterback, and the huge contract figures in NFL are surely a thing to watch! 

    Astronomical contracts

    The astounding numbers are only comparable to those of Japan’s Schohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angeles baseball team, who are awaiting a sensational sum in his upcoming contract agreement. 

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    Ohtani helped Japan to victory in the World Baseball Classic against the United States and is ready to get a reported 450 to 500 million dollars over a 10-year tenure. Jalen Hurts is looked upon as one of the finest baseball players the game ever had, and some have tipped him to get 600 million through 12 campaigns. 

    In 2019, Los Angeles Angeles teammate, Mike Trout, sealed a 10-year deal extension worth 360 million dollars which made massive news at that time. 

    By comparison, in the NBA,  Stephen Curry will get home a paycheck of 48 million dollars this season, then 51m, 55m, and 59m in the following three respective seasons.

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