iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86,001(Rs 64 lakh) on eBay auction

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    A stoner- modified iPhone X with a working USB-C harborage, complete with full data transfer and charging capabilities was vended for $86,001(about Rs 64 lakh) at an transaction.

    Created by engineering pupil Ken Pillonel, the USB-C iPhone X was unveiled in October and incontinently captured the imagination of iPhone druggies champing at the bit for a further ultramodern connector, iMore reported.

    Before in November, Pillonel posted an explainer videotape outlining his ambitious  design of retrofitting the iPhone with a USB-C harborage. It involved everything from sourcing corridor from China, rear engineering Apple’s C95 connector, fabricating a  custom circuit board and cramming USB-C factors into the device.

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    Though Pilllonel said the modified iPhone X shouldn’t be streamlined, restored or used as a primary device, it had no trouble racking up flings, starting off with a $3,500bid on Tuesday and ultimately hitting $100,000 ( latterly repudiated) before settling on the winning shot.

    iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86,001(Rs 64 lakh) on eBay auction

    “I just want an iPhone with USB type-C on it. Why? Because everything I enjoy has USB type-C so it would be enough neat to convert an iPhone too. Have one bowl and one string to charge everything,” wrote Pillonel in a blog post.

    Pillonel guarantees that the iPhone is functional, but advised against restoring, streamlining or erasing the device. Further, he said the buyer shouldn’t use the heavily modified iPhone as their primary device and quested that its case not be opened.

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    The iPhone X is a 64 GB model, and the winning endeavor will be entering the iPhone X in its original box but without any accessories. As a perk, the winner will also get a 30- nanosecond phone call with Pillonel should they’ve any questions about how the world’s first USB-C iPhone was born.

    Surprisingly, iPhone X was launched without a Touch ID button. The device featured a5.8- inch display and was driven by an A11 Bionic chipset. The smartphone featured 12-megapixel binary cameras at the reverse.

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