ICC Ranking blunders goes on: Tech glitch makes India number 1 team across all formats, rectifies after hours

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    For a second time, a tech glitch has resulted in an ICC Ranking blunder. India was put to the number one spot for all three formats. Eventually, ICC accepted that it was a tech glitch and rectified it after four hours, admitting it was a mistake. 

    What actually happened? Let’s find out.

    Ranking blunder at ICC website: India gets at number 1 position for four hours

    The ICC website reflected India at number 1 position for four hours and they climbed the spot at 2:30 p.m. By 7 p.m., ICC rectified the change in ranking points. Unbelievably, during the glitch Australia lost 15 ranking points to slip to World number 2 rank, while India moved up the number 1 spot. However, ICC corrected the mistake later to put Australia at number 1 rank. 

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    Unfortunately, the correction is incorrect too. Australia lost the first test to India by an inning and 132 runs, Australia will lose 4 points to be at 122. But, according to the latest correction, Australia is at top with 126 points. India will gain five ranking points to close the gap with 120 points. If Rohit Sharma and his team bags another win in the second test, India will achieve the number 1 test rank.

    Already on top in short format

    The Men in Blue are already number 1 in T20. They also sealed the number 1 spot in the 50-over format after their series win against New Zealand. A 3-0 win against the Black Caps was enough to bag the number 1 spot. 

    Following the glitch, Jay Shah tweeted an appreciation for the India team. The tweet was, 

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    “What a phenomenal achievement! Congrats to the Indian cricket team in becoming the #1 ranked team in all formats of the game. The hard work and dedication of the players and support staff have truly paid off.” 

    Indian captain, Rohit Sharma didn’t make a fuss about the glitch and said they’ll look forward to the next test up against a competitive side like Australia.

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