FIFA confirms the qualification of Mexico, Canada and USA in 2023 Football World Cup

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    The USA, alongside Mexico and Canada, have automatically earned their spot for the next football world cup, as they will be the hosting nations, according to FIFA. Though the governing authority generally allows the host nations to surpass the qualification rounds, this time, as there are three nations that will be hosting the tournament, the same rule will be applied either to not. However, FIFA has now confirmed that the upcoming version of the football world cup will see an expanded version of the tournament, with a total of 48 nations rather than 32, which is usually done.

    The FIFA Council in this regard

    The FIFA Council said that in line with the long-standing tradition of having all hosts competing at the FIFA World Cup along with sporting and operational considerations, the hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2026, namely Canada, Mexico, and the USA, would automatically qualify for the final round of competition, with their slots therefore being deducted, from the overall allocation of the six assigned to CONCACAF.

    Some fans might raise obligations regarding this, but it is to be noted that USA and Mexico usually qualified with their capabilities and came through the knockout stages in every world cup. Hence giving them free entry with them being the host is primarily not a big deal. However, on the other hand, Canada ended their 36-year drought when it qualified in the recent World Cup version in Qatar and eventually lost all three matches in the group stage.

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    When will the FIFA World Cup 2026 start?

    Well, the FIFA World Cup 2026 still has a long way to go, as it will kick off on June 6th, 2026, and go on till July 3rd. With the increase in the number of teams, many countries are aspiring to play the world’s biggest tournament, and indeed it is going to be something big.

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