GTA Online Drug Wars Update might just be hinting at an Unexpected Character return in GTA 6

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    The new GTA Online Drug Wars update could imply the return of a character from GTA 6. And if this is the case, it will be an unexpected return. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are the three protagonists of GTA 5. These characters may return in some capacity in the future Grand Theft Auto game, but it’s not uncommon for GTA games to bring back characters from past games. However, there is some language in the recent update from Rockstar Games that may hint at the reappearance of one of these characters in the future.

    “Ron Jakowski is so paranoid that friends say he lines the inside of his bucket hat with aluminum foil, but Nervous Ron is onto something for real this time. With Trevor gone, he’s discovered the seedy psychedelic underworld of the Fooliganz,” says Rockstar Games while describing the update.

    The mention of Trevor, or, more particularly, the bit about him being gone, is the most interesting element of this. This would be news to the players and it seems strange that this is only a throwaway remark. Why even bring up Trevor, much alone acknowledge his absence? This could simply be background lore, or it could be Rockstar Games quietly explaining why Trevor isn’t in the update, although neither explanation is persuasive.

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    Unfortunately, for the time being, all we have is supposition. Steven Ogg, the actor who plays Trevor, is significantly less involved in the GTA community than his counterparts who play Franklin and Michael. The former appeared in new GTA Online content. You’d think Trevor would be the least probable of the three to appear in GTA 6, but he’s the one mentioned in an article regarding the new update.

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