Who will advance from group A in the qualification for the European Championship 2024: a preview

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    Qualification for the European Championship 2024 will last for 12 months, starting from March 2023. In quintet “A” two tickets to the final stage will be played. Out of 10 groups, 20 national teams will advance to the next round of the competition. The rest of the participants will finish their performances after the group stage.

    Spain, Scotland, Norway, Georgia and Cyprus are fighting for two tickets to the Euro 2024 in Group A. Based on the already available results of these national teams, it is more likely to assume which of them will take first and second place in the quintet.

    Who will advance from group A in the qualification for the European Championship 2024: a preview


    Fury Roja is the main favorite to win in the group, but after two rounds this national team was on the second line. Three points behind the Scots, the team of Luis de la Fuente Castillo was two points ahead of the Norwegians and Georgians. After a crushing victory over the “drills”, the “red fury” quite unexpectedly lost in Glasgow to the “tartan army”. The Spaniards still have a lot of time ahead to correct the situation. In addition, if Alvaro Morata and company do not take first place, the tragedy will not happen, it is important to be in the deuce.

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    The composition of Spain is competitive and the team is able to get ahead of less formidable opponents at a distance. In addition, the “red fury” will play in the home arena with the main rival Scotland in the future and the chances of winning should be quite good. In general, the Spaniards are quite able to go further


    After the starting two rounds in the quintet “A”, “Tartan Army” sensationally took the first place. Thanks to home dry wins over the Spanish and Cypriots, Andrew Robertson and company have significantly increased the chances of qualifying from the group, even though Scotland still have a lot of matches ahead. It will be difficult for the Scots to win the competition from the Fury Rohi, but it is possible. At the same time, Steve Clark’s wards can take at least the second line and keep the Norwegians away.

    Scotland’s line-up is strong enough. In defense of the “tartan army” Aaron Hickey from Brentford, Kieran Tierney from Arsenal and Andrew Robertson from Liverpool. In midfield John McGinn of Aston Villa and Scott McTominay of Manchester United. In general, the Blue-Whites are quite capable of achieving the desired result with the representatives of the Premier League and the Scottish Premiership.

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    Before the start of the current tournament, “Drills” relied on the brilliant forward of Manchester City Erling Holland, but the player missed two starting rounds due to injury. As a result, the guys of Stole Solbakken managed to score only one point in two games, keeping a draw with the Georgians in Batumi. Prior to this, Martin Odegaard and company lost without a chance to the Furies Roja at the La Rosaleda stadium in Malaga.

    Even with Norway’s Erling Holland, it will be difficult to compete for second place. To do this, the “drills” will need to overcome the “tartan army” twice and get hold of points with the Spaniards at home. This task is possible, but quite difficult.


    The “Crusaders” fell into a difficult group, but being a “dark horse” they can surprise you. Although it is hardly worth counting on the exit of Georgians from the quintet. In the spring of 2023, the guys of Willy Sagnol played only one game, in which they did not reveal the strongest with the Norwegians. Given that the White-Reds were losing during the match, Georgia gained one point rather than lost two.

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    The representatives of Valencia, Bordeaux, Metz and Napoli play in the Georgian national team. The selection of players from the “crusaders” is good and the team is able to impose a fight on almost all opponents. But Guram Kashiya and partners are unlikely to be able to score points and finish in the top two. If you want to bet on the Euro 2024 qualifier and earn money, then we advise you to do it on mostbet club top.



    The “Islanders” are the main outsider of the quintet and it is definitely not worth expecting accomplishments from the Cypriots. The main task for the wards of Temuri Ketsbai will be to score at least some points. In the opening battle of the group stage, the Blue-Whites lost without a chance away to the Tartan Army.

    In game terms, Cyprus looks extremely weak and there are no prerequisites for the situation to change. So Kostakis Artimatas and the company are unlikely to take at least the fourth line.

    Our forecast

    Cypriots can be written off in advance. Georgians and Norwegians are likely to compete for the third place in the quintet. The Spaniards and Scots have the best chances to pass further, while the “red fury” may well be able to get ahead of the “tartan army”.

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