Cavinder Twins: Jake Paul reveals the reason behind Hanna Cavinder and Haley Cavinder’s switch from Basketball to potentially being a part of the WWE

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    The newest episode of BS Jake Paul reveals the newest team members, including an incredible future in the combat sports industry, the Cavinder Twins. Hanna Cavinder is in love with the freedom of WWE, while in Basketball, she must adhere to a definite schedule.

    Jake Paul unveils the ultimate reason behind Cavinder Twins’ switch to WWE from Basketball

    Besides being into Basketball and WWE, the Cavinder Twins are great internet influencers with massive popularity and respect in the online world. Being siblings, the twins have even gotten into a couple of fights and discussions but stated that they would never be interested in fighting one another. 

    Earlier, the Cavinder Twins had announced that following their stay in professional basketball, they’d be interested in switching to a different spot altogether. They expressed their interest in WWE, and Haley stated that both the siblings adore WWE. 

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    Considering their popularity in TikTok, the Twins might follow Logan Paul into the squad circle.

    Will they compete?

    It’s yet unknown if the twins would compete seldom, as Paul, or would be interested in establishing themselves as a regular force. 

    We can’t ignore that WWE makes investments in the talent they unveil. During Stephanie McMahon’s tenure as the WWE’s chief brand officer, she stated that athletes, even though not professional wrestlers, can make a name if they have a particular quality. 

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    Yes, WWE isn’t for everyone. However, if one’s an athlete with a stellar personality and possesses the skill to connect to the audience, they can train there. 

    For all the WWE fans, Cavinder Twins might be a big name in the WWE world.

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