Microsoft Game Pass is bringing some notable titles this November

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    Microsoft has released the list of upcoming Xbox Game Pass titles for November, which has a few noteworthy independent titles, a fresh journey from Obsidian Entertainment, and a cult-classic IP. One of the most popular games on Valve’s Steam Deck, Vampire Survivors, plays like a tribute to Castlevania where you progressively build power and transform your supernatural slayer into a moving maelstrom of whips, cats, and force fields of garlic.

    It was only available on PC until the recent Game Pass announcement, which confirmed an Xbox platform release on November 8. It recently left the early access period and is now a full release. Also available right now on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

    Return to Monkey Island, which was released in October, continues the plot of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge with series creator Ron Gilbert back in the captain’s chair. GameSpot gave the title a 9/10 rating, remarking that it’s a “heartfelt and nostalgic journey” geared toward the franchise’s devoted followers.  On November 10, the game will launch on Game Pass.

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    The other major title for the month is Pentiment, a medieval murder mystery from Obsidian Entertainment with a distinctive illustrated style. The game takes place in early 16th-century Germany over 25 years, and it appears as though it were torn directly from a text from that era. Game Pass will launch Pentiment on November 15.

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