Fortnite: Will we get a Chapter 4 or Chapter 3 Season 5 next?

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    The fact that the battle pass end date has changed probably means that the season will end with a live event on Saturday, December 3, following which the game will go offline for at least 12 hours and most likely come back on Sunday morning. They altered the date in-game because that would mean that Friday, December 2 would be the final full day of the Season 4 battle pass.

    The Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), or Creative 2.0, is now being evaluated by Epic for inclusion in Fortnite’s 23.00 update, which is the patch that will launch the new season in December. This is according to data miners.

    The date isn’t that surprising because Creative 2.0 has long been predicted to launch in December. But this will be a significant thing for Epic because similar to Sony’s Dreams, designers may be able to construct entire games inside of Fortnite with a much more powerful set of tools. And over time, that can change Fortnite from just a game to more of a platform.

    There haven’t been any new story quests since the ones we received on launch day, making the current season’s plot surprisingly thin. As a result, it is challenging to predict what will happen in the remaining weeks of this season, let alone after that.

    But here is where we are at the moment: Chrome is spreading across the island thanks to a spooky plant woman as The Herald. The Herald is employed by The Nothing, a mysterious being or entity whose voice appeared in the Byte’s missions. The Last Reality, or the location where all the evil cubes appeared in earlier chapters, is somehow related to both The Herald and The Nothing.

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    The Herald’s final drive to fully chrome up the island, and presumably the Paradigm’s attempt to resist with whatever she brings back from Reality-659, will be featured, assuming this season does culminate with a live event. And if a new Chapter with a fresh map is soon to arrive, perhaps The Herald will be successful—with the new island being one that has been jumbled by the chrome, similar to what occurred with the black hole between Chapters 1 and 2.

    Regarding the battle pass for the upcoming season, there have been no speculations or leaks to date. Based on Geno’s appearance in the Zero War comic, fans have determined a player’s skin from a previous survey to be Geno. If this is the case, Geno will likely appear in a battle pass at some point. And if he’s a part of the tale, too, “eventually” might be next season.

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