Forspoken launched a new trailer showing its Realm of Asia

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    Forspoken, a new JRPG from Luminous Productions, just debuted a deep-dive teaser that highlights some of the activities that players can engage in while exploring the realm of Asia. The spellcraft tasks in the trailer are another way for gamers to strengthen their skills.

    The Forspoken development team recently unveiled a third extended trailer for the action role-playing game, focusing on exploration, activities, and locations like Locked Labyrinths and Founts of Blessing. This follows the release of two extended trailers for Forspoken’s parkour system and combat mechanics.

    Frey will take various detours, including difficult obstacles, as seen in the trailer. If Frey can restore the monuments to their original state, she will receive stat increases. From health to magic power, each monument bestows a unique bonus. Some of those monuments will be in challenging locations throughout Asia, putting the players’ parkour skills to the test.

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    Most intriguingly, some monuments offer challenges that, if completed, transport gamers back in time. Players will be given objectives in flashbacks such as eliminating adversaries quickly, defending citizens, or reaching a location to test their parkour prowess. After finishing Flashbacks, players will receive Mana, which can be used to access new spells. Later on, in their trips, they will be able to watch those Flashbacks again.

    Every Forspoken’s Fount of Blessing, a body of water with a resonance indicating its position, is scattered around Asia and grants players a new spell to add to their moveset if they uncover one. Another option to enhance Frey’s skills is through the Spellcraft Challenges. Many old books can be found by players, and these books will set them various challenges to complete. They can enhance their talents after completing the trials.

    Locked Labyrinths, which are made up of spacious rooms and passages where players must face terrible foes, are another characteristic of the Athia world. Players will receive supplies for crafting in return for exploring Locked Labyrinths that contain objects and resources. Additionally, when they go across the surface, players will gather old coins that they can exchange for new items.

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