Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 new leak shows all the upcoming battle pass skins

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    Shiina and Hypex, two dependable Fortnite leakers, have shared a first look at the eight skins that players should be able to unlock in the upcoming Chapter 4 – Season 2 battle pass. Shiina also claims that they were able to confirm the source of the leaks and obtain solid proof of their credibility.

    Hypex and Shiina previously revealed that one of the eight skins will be Eren Yeager from the popular anime Attack on Titan, and the rest will be original Fortnite characters (according to the leak).

    One of the Fortnite skin is already known as a remixed Drift skin, but it is also said to have an unmasked style.

    credit: gamespot

    According to reliable leaker iFireMonkey, some of these skins should be named (or codenamed) Mizuki, Thunder, and Stray. This is quite different from another list of codenames they shared a few days ago, so take these names with a grain of salt.

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    Following the reveal of Shiina and Hypex, IFireMonkey took to Twitter to leak a slew of skin-related information, including the lizard guy skin having its own music pack and cosmetics package, as well as the existence of a new upcoming male Star Wars x Fortnite skin codenamed “Plot Twist.”

    According to iFireMonkey, Chapter 4 – Season 2 will include not only lightsabers but also force powers such as Force Lift, Jump, Push, Pull, Lighting, Rip, Script, and Vaccum. In addition, two new weapons should be added: a smart pistol with enemy tracking and a Rope and Chains grenade launcher.

    The leaker also stated that players will be able to use the iconic 3D manoeuvring gear from the anime series, allowing them to move around with flexibility and grab onto buildings in addition to wearing Eren’s outfit.

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