Fleets to be shut down, says Twitter

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    Goodbye to twitter Fleets

    Farewell to Fleets, this is a full-screen tweet at the top of the Twitter timeline, which expires in 24 hours. After the short-lived tweet format was widely introduced eight months ago, it was closed due to low usage.
    Starting on August 3, users will only see Active Spaces. Twitter’s real-time audio chat room, at the top of their timeline. The traditional tweet editor will be updated with more Fleets camera editing features. These features include items such as text format and GIF stickers on photos.

    “We did not see the number of new people joining the Fleet Dialogue increasing as we expected.”

    Twitter’s decision to delete Fleets is an admission that the feature does not work. However it also point out that the company has not yet figured out how to get people to tweet more. Over the years, Twitter has tried to get new users to post regularly, rather than consuming other people’s tweets. The fleets tried to use Stories to reduce the pressure of tweets. Stories is a popular social media format invention of Snapchat and promoted by Instagram.

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    Twitter VP of Products, Ilya Brown said that the company once hoped that Fleets could help more people join conversations.

    However, since we introduced Fleet to everyone, we haven’t seen anything like us. the number of people joining the conversation with Fleet has increased.

    The cancellation of this feature is particularly sudden now, because Twitter just rolled out the feature for everyone in November and began testing cross-fleet ads last month. At the time, the company said these ads were targeting a small number of advertisers. to experience”.

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    It’s unclear if these full-screen ads will appear in other parts of the app in the future.

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