Final Fantasy 16 goes Gold ahead of its release

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    Before its release in June, Final Fantasy 16 has achieved gold status. Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be one of the most anticipated video game releases of 2023, as it has been almost seven years since the last numbered installment in the series. In-depth showcases highlighting the world, trailers teasing the overarching story, and opportunities for outlets and content creators to preview portions of Final Fantasy 16 have all been made available over the past few weeks.

    In a recent panel at PAX East, Yoshi-P provided a substantial amount of information and gameplay for Final Fantasy 16. It has taken a lot of time to explain the series’ complete embrace of real-time action combat, which is a stark departure from the genre’s usual turn-based components. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to learn that development has reached a new milestone given how much of the game is being made publicly visible.

    The announcement was made in a short, straightforward tweet from the official Final Fantasy 16 account, which expressed the team’s sincere hope that fans were anticipating the game’s impending release.

    It is unusual for video games to go gold this far in advance of release because it typically indicates that the game is nearly complete and has received first-party company approval. This approval would have only been necessary from Sony because Final Fantasy 16 will only be available on the PlayStation 5, which could be why it was obtained so quickly.

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    Although little is known about any post-launch support or content, it is clear that Final Fantasy 16’s PC version won’t be released once the PS5’s period of exclusivity has passed. Even though the six-month exclusivity period negotiated by Sony and Square Enix is set to expire in December, producer Naoki Yoshida made it clear that, despite his desire, Final Fantasy 16 will not be released on PC this year.

    Final Fantasy 16 is set to release on June 22 for PS5.

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