FIFA 23 will allow you to turn off Commentary

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    If you can’t wait the extra two days until FIFA 23 opens this week, there are several methods to play the game right now. Because of this, several of the new features in the newest game in the series have already been made public, such as the ability to stop commentators from criticising your playing style.

    The new choice, which can be located in the audio area of FIFA 23’s game settings, was noted by Eurogamer. You can turn off what EA refers to as critical commentary by scrolling down. That probably means Stewart Robson won’t berate you if you shoot high and miss, or even if you slide in and tackle your opponent horribly and get a well-deserved red card.

    The issue is that it appears that the function may use a little more polish. When Wesley Yin-Poole of Eurogamer used the new feature, Robson continued to criticise what they were doing on the field even with critical commentary off.

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    credit: pcgamer

    Naturally, it’s probably wise to hit mute if your confidence in your FIFA performances is a little low rather than relying only on the new function for the time being.

    Since EA hasn’t made the new function public, there is currently no information available regarding its precise addition. The logical inference is that FIFA’s developers want EA Sports FC, the series’ new brand beginning in 2023, to be a more uplifting and welcoming one. It’s easy for adults to forget when they’re getting destroyed online that there are a lot of kids playing FIFA who might stop playing if the game keeps telling them how bad they are while they’re still learning the ropes.

    The debate over loot boxes and whether they should be allowed to remain in their current form is still raging, which is concerning when it comes to making FIFA a better and safer experience for younger players. FIFA has been at the centre of those conversations from day one thanks to its most popular mode, Ultimate Team. Despite EA’s efforts to portray FUT packs as surprise mechanics when others have called them loot boxes, this is the case.

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