Facebook announces audio rooms with Clubhouse features!

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    What is Facebook’s new updates on its audio features?

    Audio-based social media platforms Clubhouse and Twitter’s Spaces are now officially competing with the world’s largest social networks. After announcing a series of audio-based features earlier this year, Facebook officially embarked on a space journey this weekend. The company launched Live Audio Rooms, which seems to be a complete copy of Clubhouse. It is currently only available in the United States. It is expected that everyone will be able to use the live audio room before “summer.”

    The company stated that they have tested live audio rooms in groups. 1.8 billion people who use groups every month and millions of communities active on Facebook can use them. Facebook will also provide live audio rooms for public figures. This will allow them to have conversations with other public figures, experts and fans.

    Audio Rooms is one of a series of audio-based features. Facebook revealed the data on June 19, 2021. The company has also introduced podcasts on its platform. They seem to be making it competitive with companies like Spotify, Apple, and even Gaana India. Facebook confirmed more than 170 million people follow the podcast page. Moreover, the platform will allow them to listen to podcasts directly through its app in the coming months.

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    Facebook with Spotify?

    It is reported that Facebook may cooperate with Spotify. This will help them to take advantage of the huge podcast library of media streaming platforms. Finally, while podcasts and live audio rooms mimic existing platforms and services, Facebook is also creating tools for influencers to take advantage of audio on its platform. The company added a full suite of audio creation tools that it claims is powerful enough for professionals. This includes speech-to-text conversion, speech transformation, and AI-powered noise cancellation during recording. The company also has a feature called Soundbites for short-form audio clips, basically using Twitter’s recent voice tweet feature.

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