Instagram is testing with links in the stories?

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    Instagram has always restricted who can post slider links to their stories. However today, the company is starting a new experiment to expand that capability. In this case, what people can offer is not to swipe up, but to link tabs. These stickers work in the same way as sliding links, except that they use a tap instead of a slide. People can also reply to stories that include stickers, and they currently cannot reply to stories that swipe up.

    Currently, the scale of the test is small, Instagram product manager Vishal Shah, mainly to understand how people use links. They will pay attention to the types of links that people post, while paying special attention to misinformation and spam. In addition, he said that the stickers are more suitable for the current way people use the platform, so he said that this test “brings links to the same general system, which also makes sense from a simple system perspective.”
    Added, Link Stickers are the ultimate goal of Instagram, either for everyone or for those who already have link permissions. “This is the future system we want,” he said. Shah said there was “no plan” to bring them to the feed or any other part of the app.

    What is Instagram’s futuristic vision for this test?

    This test seems to be primarily aimed at those who speak and influence the platform, but it may not reach the level required by Instagram to gain access with a credit card. (Users must be verified or have at least 10,000 followers.) For example, activists have mastered the art of call-to-action posts, but cannot direct people to website resources. This can make it possible. Again, this is just a little test so the platform won’t change quickly overnight, but it may be the start of people surfing the web more often from the Instagram app.

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