Fable drops the official trailer of the Xbox Showcase

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    Apart from a few rumors, Fable first appeared at the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020 with a CGI teaser depicting a magical realm, a fairy, a sword, and a toad. Fans have been hoping to see it again, especially after the Xbox Games Showcase in 2023 guaranteed no first-party CGI trailers. Its debut there would be its first significant display in three years, so many were crossing their fingers.

    Fans had good reason to anticipate it being there. Someone recently spread a tonne of glitter across their carpeted flooring in a social media post promoting the showcase, leading to a monitor with the Xbox Games Showcase.

    Not only would it be absurd to wreck one’s house for anything less than the Fable relaunch, but the glitter trail and music were also blatant nods to the original title.

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    Many fans were able to tick off their wish list for the Fable remake.

    The first line of the Fable video makes a statement about heroes and what makes them special, claiming that the age of heroes is over and that we are now living in an age of invention. A mysterious guy tells the story while spotting a tiny hero, who turns out to be a kind of giant.

    The video finishes with an F-bomb teaser, followed by the Fable logo and a hint that the hero has killed the giant, along with a promise that it will be available on Xbox Game Pass from the start. Fable is in development.


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