F1 Sprint race at the British Grand Prix this weekend: What awaits?

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    With all eyes on Silverstone’s lately included sprint race this coming Saturday, July 17, there come up two separate opinions on what it signifies for F1s British Grand Prix. Some think there won’t be much difference. However, others opine, teams included in the upper-middle zone like Ferrari, McLaren, Alpine, and AlphaTauri will be at risk. Presumably, the favorites, Mercedes and Red Bull won’t be achieving much.

    Updated Schedule

    The Free Practice 1 is all set to take place on Friday, 16 July. It will shift from 11:30 to 15:30. On the very same day, the qualifying race is scheduled at 19:00 to decide the starting point for the participants in the sprint race. On Saturday, July 17, at 17:30 the race shall occur, consisting of 17 rounds.

    Fresh Plan for the Teams

    Free Practice 1 will be the qualifying round. There’s hardly any scope of committing any error. Making it to the spot with a flawless vehicle is significant. Free Practice 2 is scheduled for Saturday morning.

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    Soft Tyres

    Each car comes with 12 sets of tires for the weekend. Friday’s qualifying event will be held with soft tires. Considering the new format of the races, the teams now can showcase their speed in one round. They need not be concerned about the tires wearing out throughout Saturday and Sunday.

    Tyre Freedom for the Event

    There’s no constraint to stop in the pits, while the race is going on. The length of only 17 laps and the requirement to get places fast, is sure to force almost all to choose the soft tires. The team finishing first gets three points, the second gets two and the third receives 1.

    Free Selection of Tyres in Sunday’s Event

    For the beginning of Sunday’s final event, the option of tires is free. Hence, the audience will get to see a broad range of strategies.

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