EA Sports CEO believes that Video Games will greatly benefit from the use of AI

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    Following the publication of EA Sports’ earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2023, the video game firm conducted an earnings call to discuss the health of its business. During the call, EA Sports largely discussed the outcomes of its most recent earnings report, but there were some comments on issues not fully covered in the release, such as artificial intelligence. During the call, EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson stated that the game business will benefit the most from AI.

    The comment was made near the close of EA Sports’ most recent earnings call.

    While speaking with investors, CEO Andrew Wilson discussed the state of AI, which is rapidly being utilized by tech businesses worldwide. “As an industry, we are probably going to be one of the greatest beneficiaries of AI broadly,” he said. There has been much discussion on how AI will be integrated into video games on a broad basis. Ubisoft revealed Ghost Writer, an AI program that will be used to produce background barks and noises for games, at GDC.

    The EA Sports CEO went on to argue that artificial intelligence will “allow us to do what we currently do more efficiently.” While one of the most common concerns leveled about AI has been that it will limit creativity, Wilson feels the contrary, claiming that it will encourage creative expression.

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    AI is currently present in the video game business, and it appears that it will only become more prevalent as time passes. With this comment from Andrew Wilson, we’re very interested to see if any future EA games will primarily utilize AI. Stick with Shacknews for more on what we learned from EA Sports Q4 2023 earnings report, as well as all of the other financial news this week.

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