EA CEO quashes rumors of the company being acquired stating that they are in a Stronger position as a Standalone Company

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    EA is about to surpass Activision-Blizzard as the biggest standalone developer and publisher in the market as the deal between Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard is about to be finalized. Naturally, this has led to many inquiries about the possibility of EA being acquired in the future.

    One of those rumors first surfaced in a Puck article from last May, which said Comcast CEO Brian Roberts had approached EA about a potential takeover but that talks had broken down over issues with price and structure.

    F1 22 sales increased by double digits compared to F1 last year, while overall net revenue increased to $1.78 billion (up from $1.55 billion year over year) thanks largely to live service games, which now account for more than 70% of EA’s business over the past 12 months. Additionally, it doesn’t appear to have been significantly damaged by delays, in contrast to several of its peers (or at least not a pile of public-facing ones).

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    With the Dead Space remake, all the typical sports titles, Super Mega Baseball, and two additional undisclosed games arriving in early 2023, its upcoming three quarters appear to be quite promising.

    It’s important to note, however, that virtually every CEO recently has made a statement similar to this one regarding acquisitions. Both Take-Two and Ubisoft have made this assertion.

    When asked about acquisitions, statements like this are fairly common because they both prevent the CEO from actually lying if one is being considered and prevent too much speculation given the many legal and business considerations that prevent executives from confirming or denying until the deal is almost complete.

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