Apex Legends Season 14 Gameplay Trailer reveals new abilities of Vantage and the changes coming to the Game

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    After weeks of teasing and brief peeks of future improvements, Apex gamers finally got a fair look at Season 14’s gameplay adjustments and how new features will play out in battle. Apex Legends is just over a week away from the release of Season 14: Hunted.

    The two-minute trailer provides a brief overview of the stuff that will soon be available in-game, such as the new legend Vantage and Kings Canyon’s redesign (and the return of a much-loved POI that was destroyed by Loba in Season 5).

    The famed Skull Town, a well-known POI that has been inaccessible ever since Loba unintentionally destroyed it, is returning as part of Kings Canyon’s extensive renovation. However, Skull Town is now emerging from the wreckage of the battlefield and making a comeback as part of the Kings Canyon Reforged map update when Season 14 debuts.

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    This adjustment is intended to boost the game’s health and lessen frustrating situations on that part of the map. Check out our examination of the new Kings Canyon Reforged area, where Skull Town is now referred to as Relic, for more information on map modifications and a thorough description of what to expect in the new and improved Kings Canyon.

    The level cap for Apex Legends has indeed been raised, as reported. Leaks indicate that the cap, which is now set at 500, will be increased by at least 200 levels. For long-time Apex gamers, the majority of whom have been stuck at level 500 for years, this is a pleasant change. By raising the level cap, gamers will once more be able to level up and receive free Apex Packs.

    Although the gameplay preview gave us a glimpse of new skins for Bangalore, Caustic, Horizon, Wattson, Wraith, and Vantage, the Hunted battle pass’s exact contents are still a mystery. Both Horizon’s skin and the zebra print design on it suggest a combat pass with a hunting or safari motif.

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    Vantage, whose real name is Xiomara Contrares, was unveiled as Season 14’s first legend last week (despite some initial hiccups during the registration process). Xiomara has joined the Apex Games because she is determined to free her mother from jail. Although some of her abilities have been shown in various trailers, a recent post on the Apex Legends website confirms that Vantage’s skills are largely the same as those that have been previously leaked.

    These skills include the capacity to recognize and mark enemy team members and the capacity to use rocket boosters to follow her pet bat, Echo. It’s hardly surprising that Vantage’s furry companion would accompany her to the Apex Games given that she grew up on an abandoned planet where she spent most of her time bored and alone.

    Vantage, who is only 18 years old, is the youngest Apex Legends team member, according to the official legend bio. Vantage is extremely naive and inexperienced as a result of her segregated childhood. However, as evidenced by the trailer, she shouldn’t be taken lightly because all those years she spent as a child hunting have served her well in the ring.

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