David Beckham now eligible to receive the knighthood award

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    It has been a long time since David Beckham is to be given the knighthood award, however, due to various tax issues he was not able to receive the prestigious award. Any financial issues would have prevented David Beckham from being knighted in the recent past, however, the former Man United winger, is now entirely cleared from a tax-avoidance scheme.

    In-Eligibility of David Beckham earlier

    The former English soccer player, David Beckham was ineligible for the knighthood award when his status got downgraded in the red category along with his financial issues with the Inland Revenue of the United Kingdom. However, reports state that the status of Beckham has been upgraded now to the green category, signifying that now he is in line for the award and at present, he is included in the list of official recommendations for next June.

    Following his tough phase, while going through his financial issues with the taxman, the former English footballer managed to settle his tax case. Also, some sources state that, a couple of years ago, David Beckham along with his wife Victoria were amongst the highest taxpayers.

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    Andrew Bridgen in this regard

    The Conservative Party MP, Andrew Bridgen, said in this regard that, as someone who has been very much critical of footballers in the past times, he thinks that this has been long overdue for the current co-owner cum president of the MLS league club Inter Miami, David Beckham.

    Andrew Bridgen also added while commenting on this that David Beckham has made good on his issues based on tax, and has also raised millions of people for numerous charities and also most importantly, he was instrumental in their Olympics Bid. Being cleared with all the financial issues, David Beckham will be awarded Knighthood soon in June.

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