Dani Alves To be Released On Bail For 1 Million Euros As He Is Fined and Banned From Leaving Spain

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    The Court of Barcelona has granted bail to Dani Alves, the ex-Barcelona right-back, as he awaits the final verdict in his sexual assault case.

    FILE PHOTO: Brazil soccer player Dani Alves sits in court during the first day of his trial in Barcelona, Spain, February 5, 2024. Alberto Estevez/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo

    The bail has been set at one million euros, and Alves is required to surrender both his Brazilian and Spanish passports to ensure he remains within the country.


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    Legal Maneuvers: Dani Alves’ Bail and Pending Verdict Amidst Controversy

    Dani Alves, who received a four-and-a-half-year prison sentence for the assault, can secure his release by posting bail and complying with stringent conditions.

    His legal representative successfully appealed against the sentence, prompting the court to grant bail until a final judgment is reached.

    While on bail, Alves is restricted from leaving Spain and must report to the Provincial Court of Barcelona weekly. Furthermore, he is prohibited from approaching within 1,000 meters of the victim, her workplace, or places she frequents. Any form of communication with the victim is also forbidden until a final verdict is issued.

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    Image Credits Sky Sports
    Image Credits- Sky Sports

    The decision by the Court of Barcelona follows Alves’s detention for over 420 days at the Brians 2 penitentiary center since January 20, 2023. However, the sentence remains subject to appeal, as all involved parties have lodged appeals with the High Court of Justice of Catalonia.

    Both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution have requested an extension of Alves’s prison term, while his defense team seeks his release.

    The outcomes of these appeals will determine Alves’s legal standing as he grapples with the complexities of the Spanish legal system amid serious accusations.

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    Neymar’s Father’s Failed Bail Attempt Keeps Dani Alves Behind Bars

    Dani Alves will not be released from jail today as Neymar’s father failed to raise the one million euro bail. The Barcelona Court had mandated a bail amount of one million euros for the former football icon’s release, generating significant interest, particularly due to Neymar’s father’s involvement in attempting to gather this substantial sum.

    This isn’t the first instance Neymar’s father has been connected to financial transactions related to Alves; previously, he played a crucial role in collecting 150,000 euros intended as compensation for the victim involved in Alves’ case.

    Image Credits The 18
    Image Credits- The 18

    Despite the court setting a clear deadline of 2:30 pm local time for the bail to be posted, the required amount wasn’t raised in time, halting Alves’ release process.

    Alves has spent 14 months in Brians 2 prison, with high expectations for his release among his legal team and supporters.

    His lawyer, Ines Guardiola, had proactively collected Alves’ Spanish and Brazilian passports to submit to the court, aiming to mitigate the risk of Alves fleeing to Brazil, a country that lacks an extradition treaty with Spain and could potentially offer him refuge.

    Reactions to Dani Alves’ Bail Conditions: Partner Deactivates Instagram Amid Controversy

    As part of his bail conditions, Dani Alves is required to surrender both his Brazilian and Spanish passports to prevent him from leaving the country, given that Brazilian law prohibits the extradition of its citizens. Returning to Brazil would effectively place him beyond the reach of Spanish law indefinitely.

    Additionally, Alves must comply with weekly court appearances and refrain from any contact or approaches towards the victim of the nightclub assault.

    The news has elicited various reactions, including responses from television programs and several well-known personalities, such as the soccer player’s mother, who celebrated the decision.

    Joana Sanz Dani Alves Image Credits Marca
    Joana Sanz & Dani Alves, Image Credits- Marca

    One of the unexpected reactions came from his partner, the model Joana Sanz, who has publicly expressed her support for Alves in recent months. However, upon hearing the news, Sanz took a drastic step by deactivating her Instagram profile.

    This isn’t the first time she has deactivated her Instagram profile, having done so on previous occasions. The true reason behind her decision is unclear, but it is speculated that Sanz wishes to maintain a lower profile now that the case has garnered renewed attention in the media.

    It’s possible that she wants to avoid becoming a target for those expressing anger towards Alves and the court’s decision by preemptively withdrawing from social media to shield herself from potential abuse directed at her for supporting someone convicted of a sexual offense.

    It’s presumed that the model, who typically maintains an active presence on Instagram and utilizes the platform for her work, may reactivate her account at a later time, although the timing remains uncertain.

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