Dani Alves’s life in jail has gifted him a football match

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    The former Barcelona star Dani Alves has been put behind the bars, without bail. They daily life of the Brazilian footballers in the prison isn’t easy as most of the other people in the place. He is in Brians 2 prison in Sant Esteve Sesrovires situated near the catalan capital of Barcelona, and has been in here now for more than a week with the allegation of sexual assault in a nightclub.

    Reports state that Dani Alves’s lawyer, Cristabal Martell is likely to file an appeal to request the provisional release of the footballer. On that note, sources also state that how the recent life of Alves has been inside the prison, with people who are from inside or outside, official and unofficial.

    Dani Alves’s life in Prison

    Reports state that Dani Alves who was arrested on January 20, of this year, because of the sexual assault he committed on December 30, the previous year, has played his first match inside the prison. It happened last Thursday and the presence of the former Barcelona star raised a huge expectation among, who desired to see him play.

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    Sources say that Dani Alves who has been in jail, without bail, shares his cell with someone, who he already knows beforehand. His name is Coutinho who was the bodyguard of Ronaldinho as well as the bouncer of in some Barcelona night clubs. Also, Alves has bought his basic necessities at the jail with his 100 prison card. Some of his purchases include food items like yoghurts, cans of tuna, some energy drinks, along with a bottle of shampoo, and a deodrant.

    Leopoldo Silva in this regard

    With the arrest of Dani Alves and he being put behind the bars, his contract for the Pumas was terminated. The president of the team, Leopoldo Silva said in this regard that they cannot allow the conduct of any person to harm this work philosophy.

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