Controversy with Japan’s second goal: Was the ball in?

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    Following Japan’s match against Spain, some arguments exist regarding Japan’s second goal. In a stunner, they defeated the 2010 champions Spain 2-1 and ensured Germany’s exit from the tournament.

    Controversy on Japan’s second goal

    The equalizer came from Ritsu Doan. Something happened just after a few minutes in the 51st minute of the game that aroused controversy. Following a cross from the far side, the ball advanced to the far post, and Kaoru Mitoma touched his foot on the ball moments before it crossed the byline. 

    The ball further touched Ao Tanaka’s feet, firing past Unai Simon to help his team take the lead. 

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    Earlier, the South African referee Victor James canceled the goal, but he was called over to go for a VAR Check. 

    Many expected the decision to stand, but it was given a goal after a few minutes, claiming the whole ball wasn’t out of the field of play. 

    The ruling was decisive as it guided Japan to win the game and top group E to move to the round of 16, with Spain going, too, as the group runners-up. 

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    In the other match, Germany defeated Costa Rica 4-2 in a thriller but couldn’t make it to the round of 16 as Japan gained victory over Spain. It was a great shock for the fans, especially the German supporters. They had high hopes before the tournament to lift the cup.

    An exciting Qatar World Cup ongoing

    The ongoing Qatar World Cup has been full of surprises, and fans can’t hold on to their excitement to see the jaw-dropping face-offs in the top 16. How has your team been doing in the World Cup? 

    Let us know in the comments!

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