The Callisto Protocol on time for its December 2nd 2022 Release!

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    Prior to its release at the end of the year, Striking Distance Studios has officially announced that The Callisto Protocol has achieved gold status. One of the most eagerly awaited horror games of 2022 is Striking Distance, which is being developed by several of the Dead Space series’ original designers. The Callisto Protocol, a game that emphasises a lot of gore and brutality throughout the title, will place the player in a cramped setting fighting off zombie-like creatures.

    A two-minute trailer that the developer released during the Game Awards in 2020 served as the game’s initial announcement. Striking Distance has been stepping up its updates as The Callisto Protocol gets closer to its release date. The Callisto Protocol will debut on December 2 and will ship with a 60FPS performance setting, the developer has announced. Ray tracing, AI tracing, and other graphical elements, such as algorithmically generating scene lighting, were previously mentioned as being supported by the game. The most recent announcement would be a good update for those who have their sights set on The Callisto Protocol since fan expectations have begun to grow.

    Callisto Protocol
    credit: gamespot

    The Callisto Protocol has achieved gold status, which implies that it is prepared to reach a wide audience on December 2 as scheduled. The update was shared by Striking Distance Studios, who also thanked everyone for their enthusiasm and support. The developer also says that it is eager for players to encounter the terrifying events that take place in the game’s much-anticipated setting of Black Iron.

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    Of course, this does not imply that users should anticipate The Callisto Protocol to debut flawlessly.

    Today, it’s typical for AAA games to have bugs or other problems before release. For this reason, many creators advocate for day-one fixes to improve the player experience. There is always the possibility that developers would push for day-one fixes to fix some flaws given The Callisto Protocol’s emphasis on features like ray tracing and 60FPS performance options.

    The Callisto Protocol will take about 12 to 14 hours to finish, according to Striking Distance. Despite being a little bit shorter than some of the most popular games currently available, Glen Schofield, the game’s director, has already said that gamers can expect a lot of replay value from the title. This particularly applies to its late-game “beta pathways.” In either case, when The Callisto Protocol is released in December, horror lovers will probably have a lot to be thrilled about.

    The Callisto Protocol is set to release on December 2, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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