Apex Legends Season 15 Catalyst: Here’s all to know about the new Legend

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    A brand-new thrilling tale is sure to be unveiled as Apex Legends Season 14 draws to a close. With their most recent tweet, Respawn has now officially stated that Catalyst will be the new Legend and has also given away some of her skills.

    One of the Legends that was leaked months ago was Catalyst, along with Legends such as Vantage and New Castle. Those leaks claim that Catalyst is a ferromancer with the passive ability to reinforce the buildings around her. Although there is still little information available about Catalyst’s lore, we can reasonably presume that she is related to Cleo, also known as Seer, one of our current set of Legends.

    Based on the most recent teaser Respawn posted on their Twitter page, Cleo (Seer) and Tressa (Catalyst) must have known each other since they were little, so we can anticipate lots of amusing exchanges between them as soon as Catalyst travels to the Outlands.

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    As a complement to their new Legend’s tale and history, it is only natural that they reveal a new map whenever a new Legend is introduced into the outlands. This also applied to the Olympus, Ash on Storm Point, and Crypto to World’s Edge locations on the Horizon map.

    A recent tweet from Apex Legends highlighted some intriguing new ways for players to engage with the new map, such the updraft that appeared to take Catalyst upward and let her jump to the opposite side.

    Apex Legends
    credit: ign

    According to the teaser video, Catalyst will conjure a wall of black gunk that prevents her current location from being revealed by any skills and prevents bullets from passing through to the other side, save for any hostile other Legends.

    Catalyst may fire out ferro liquid, which soon hardens and traps anything that passes through it. It appears to be quite similar to Ash’s arc snare, leaving you helpless against any incoming assaults that may come after.

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    Although there were no hints in the teaser trailer about her passive ability, there were numerous leaks about it, and it was one that strengthened nearby structures like doors. For instance, doors generally need to be kicked twice before they break, but Catalyst’s passive makes this stronger so that it takes three kicks to accomplish it.

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