Brock Lesner all set to break his own record at the Night of Champions

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    Currently, the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesner is a free agent in the WWE, which signifies that he can appear in both the brands, including Raw and Smackdown. And this has eventually increased Brock Lesner’s appearance on WWE television in the last few months. Recently, Lesner has challenged Cody Rhodes for a match at the upcoming pay-per-view of WWE, i.e., the Night of Champions, but apart from it, Brock Lesner is all set to break one of his records at that event.

    Brock Lesner to break his record

    As mentioned, Brock Lesner has been highly seen on WWE TV in recent times, and it has eventually let the Beast Incarnate take part in 5-pay-per-views consecutively. Since his return to WWE in 2012, Brock Lesner has never been in 5 pay-per-views, as his previous record regarding the same was taking part in 4 PPVs in the previous year.

    However, with his inclusion in the upcoming premium live event, i.e., the Night of Champions, this will be his 5th consecutive PPV this year, starting from Royal Rumble, then Elimination Chamber, then Wrestlemania, Backlash, and now it has come to this.

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    Even it is indeed a treat for the fans, as it is known to everyone how the WWE Universe loves to watch the beast, which delivers multiple German suplexes on his opponents.

    Cody vs Brock at the NOC

    Fans are eagerly waiting for the rematch of Brock Lesner with Cody Rhodes at the WWE Night of Champions. Earlier on, Cody secured a clean victory over Lesner at the Backlash. However, in the world heavyweight championship tournament, where Cody Rhodes took part, Brock eventually attacked him during the match, costing him the championship opportunity, and this has come down to their match at the upcoming WWE PLE. On the other hand, Cody Rhodes,, who has been looking forward to becoming the champion, has to wait a little bit more to receive another opportunity.

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