BGMI players are being stopped from streaming game on their channel in India

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    BGMI, or Battlegrounds Mobile India, is a game that has captured the attention of players all over the Indian subcontinent. The title had become an integral part of their lives until it was outlawed in the country. Players have been waiting to hear from developers about the game’s return since it was banned.

    BGMI’s return appears to be off the table for the time being. According to, a popular BGMI news source, Krafton has asked players and tournament organisers to stop streaming the game on their respective YouTube and Twitch channels. The post also includes a video clip from Team S8UL 8Bit Goldy’s (Lokesh Jain) stream in which he addresses the situation.

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    An email from BGMI creator Krafton’s Esports Team to Angry Panda Esports, a third-party tournament (TPT) organiser, has surfaced on the internet.

    The email states that the tournament organizer’s (TO) dates for the ongoing tournament were not approved by Krafton and that it should be stopped immediately, and that this is the first and final warning to stop the event. The email further reads, “The tournament approval process has been put on hold until further notice, and we request that you please wait for further updates. Failure to adhere to the instructions mentioned above can have repercussions for Angry Panda Esports and their future tournaments.”

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    8Bit Goldy stated that not only tournament organisers, but also Krafton, have told Team S8UL that all streams should be closed immediately. Furthermore, he stated that if anyone is caught streaming BGMI on their channel, they will be kicked off Team S8UL. It is currently being speculated that the Indian government has asked Krafton to take this action of asking players not to stream the game any longer.

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