Reputational damage can lead Barcelona to leave the Champions League

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    Reports state that the Catalan giants have high chances of missing out the Champions League considering their reputational damage. The filing of the lawsuit by the Public Prosecutors Office and along with that, there are charges that are brought against Barcelona, which are altogether set to damage the chances of the club featuring in the upcoming season of the Champions League.

    What will UEFA do?

    Reputational damages against Barcelona are at its peak but it is still a question of what the governing authority of the tournament, i.e. UEFA will do! However, as soon as it is admitted for processing, considering all the indications suggesting it will be, UEFA might be in a position to consider that the presence of Barcelona in the tournament, could certainly hamper the reputation of the Champions League.

    Even the competition rules leave no doubts as it comes into force to establish a line of defence that work on protecting the spirit of the game as well as in particular the values of the UEFA intends to establish for ensuring that the competition gets worthy.

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    Barcelona on the verge if getting out

    Not only Champions League, but as per the rules, in Europa as well as in the Conference league the admission criteria as well as the procedures for clubs and underline that the clubs might not have participated in any way considering the illegal alteration of matches at both the national as well as international levels. This is something that clashes head-on with the grounds of the condemnation filed by the prosecution.

    Hence, the UEFA reserves the right not to admit the clubs in the European tournaments that have primarily earned their participation, but do not meet all the conditions that is given in the regulations of the aforementioned competition.

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