Barcelona and Real Madrid in very advanced plans with the new European Super League

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    As per reports, two La Liga greats, Real Madrid and Barcelona, have been engaged in some advanced plans with the new European Super League. They have been staunchly committed to the competition, the opposition that this project has faced till now. And it can be said that with all the obstacles it has faced till now from various sides, it has been only alive due to the humongous efforts of the Spanish giants.

    What are the plans for Real Madrid and Barcelona?

    As per various sources, it is known that Real Madrid and Barcelona are planning to have a new version of the European Super League, and it has already reached an advanced level. The clubs have made some alterations in the initial formats of the game, which has faced several criticisms till now. Sources state that the new format will consist of a more inclusive and open format for the European clubs.

    The La Liga Heavyweights have been greatly working on this project, as they have surveyed up to 50 European clubs to figure out what type of game they would prefer, and based on that, they would make the alterations from the basics. Also, the Belgian as well as the Dutch leagues will be represented in this.

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    How will the new European Super League

    Various sources have given a common idea that the new European Super League format will be more open rather than being a closed league, and the clubs have to qualify based on their merit. In addition to that, a new rule will be inducted that the wage bills will not exceed 55% of the budget of a particular club playing in the tournament.

    Barcelona and Real Madrid are only waiting for the European Court of Justice to give the verdict, and then they will be able to establish the new European Super League. Besides these La Liga clubs, Juventus has also joined them, fighting for the establishment.

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