Barcelona concerned over losing their best talents framed at La Masia

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    Barcelona are hugely concerned over the fact that their talents who they are framing at their La Masia academy, are eventually going to other clubs. Primarily it is seeming like they are training quality player for providing them to their rival clubs. The youth director of Barcelona who sees these nurturing of talents at La Masia, hasn’t pleased the club and his position is coming under increased scrutiny and amid concerns.

    Barcelona have produced some of the finest players

    The world has seen some of the finest players from Barcelona, who have eventually ruled the European football, and has a gigantic fanbase all over the world. Among these include Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, who are among the greats in this sport, and have won several honors with the senior team too.

    However, the Catalan giants aren’t very happy that some of their greatest of all times have eventually left their club to join their staunch rivals like Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, etc. They have struggled to keep an hold on their brightest prospects. And reports state that all these things are eventually the fault of Alexanco and he might leave his position from Barcelona. Sources state that his fault is that, he is not trying enough to retain the players in the club.

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    The club’s view in this regard

    Barcelona’s view in this regard is imperative. They are recruiting good young talents and bringing them to the academy, into the first-team considering their fragile financial situation. However, losing these talents even at an young age from the club, isn’t something that Barcelona is happy to see. This is eventually affecting the results of the club in the pitch.

    Especially from the time, when Lionel Messi has left the club and has joined PSG, from then, Barcelona hasn’t been able to provide that old school vibe, for which it is known. Hence, they are considering whether Alexanco is the right choice to move forward or not.

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