Athletes are in love with new air-conditioned football helmets: Details about them

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    Helmet evolution has been awesome in football over the last few years, with new technologies included consistently every time to make it exclusive, advanced, comfortable, and safe.

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    The latest development is air-conditioned football helmets

    The brand new development in football helmets is that it has become air-conditioned football helmets. The Louisiana State University football team will be using these items in the 2023 NCAA season. 

    The airflow will be valid for five hours. This means the players will be benefitted from the cooling effect till the game continues. 

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    Local journalist Zack Nagy explained, 

    “Louisiana State University continues going above and beyond to ensure elite on-field performance.”

    He further added, 

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    “Utilizing advancements in helmet technology is another piece this program has added.

    The ‘air-conditioned’ helmets have received rave reviews from Mekhi Wingo, Mac Markway, and more.”

    LSU players are in love with the new helmets

    Many of the LSU players who’ll be wearing these air-conditioned football helmets during the beginning of the football session have provided a trial of the new headwear. Whoever got to wear one has given positive feedback for the same. 

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    Tight end Mark Markway stated, 

    “It feels good, bro; if I’m running in this, I ain’t sweating at all.” 

    The LSU Tigers are already aware of their first game of the season, as they’ll start away at Florida State on Sunday, September 3. 

    The comfort the new helmets bring is commendable. With technology going great and new models being introduced, the new evolution is something worth mentioning. The new air-conditioned comfortable helmets are surely going to be beneficial for the players in the games. No wonder why it has already received so many positive responses and it’ll rock in the coming days.

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