Assassins Creed Nexus VR Title will be arriving this holiday season with our favorite protagonists

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    The upcoming Assassins Creed Nexus will immerse players in the roles of three fan-favorite Assassins in unprecedented ways. Rumors about a virtual reality Assassin’s Creed spin-off have been swirling for years, but Ubisoft will not confirm it until 2020. Since then, the internet has been filled with speculation about how Assassin’s Creed’s thrilling stealth and parkour action will translate to VR, as well as where and when its plot will take place.

    This long-rumored Assassins Creed Nexus VR title would be revealed in a quick teaser during the VR Meta Showcase on June 1.

    While not much was provided in this teaser, observant fans quickly spotted hints regarding prior Assassin’s Creed characters that may be available in Nexus. This appears to validate prior speculations that Assassins Creed Nexus will be a type of anthology starring past assassins, and now players have clear evidence that the game will allow players to see through the eyes of some of the series’ most notable heroes.

    During the Ubisoft Forward 2023, a new teaser for Assassins Creed Nexus was presented, confirming that the game would take place in first-person and let players jump, sneak, and kill their way across different historical landscapes as three fan-favorite assassins.

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    Following the trailer, Clement Dagonneau of Ubisoft Montreal took to the Ubisoft Forward 2023 stage to describe how Assassin’s Creed Nexus will take virtual reality to new heights, allowing players to experience the rush of Assassin’s Creed’s classic stealth and parkour from the perspective of these legendary warriors. He also disclosed that Nexus will be accessible this Christmas season for Meta Quest VR headsets.


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