Apex Legends Mobile: Here’s your guide for the Rising Through the Ranks Event

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    With the release of Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat, a sizable selection of cosmetics (available via the Hyperbeat battle pass and the Hyperbeat Store) and a sizable selection of seasonal events were also included. Rising Through The Ranks, the most recent event in this series challenges players to advance through the Ranked Mode tiers while also unlocking rewards.

    Before this update, seasonal Ranked Mode awards weren’t made public until the season’s conclusion (or very shortly beforehand). However, starting with Season 2.5, players can now view the rewards for Ranked Mode as well as the tasks they must do to earn them.

    Depending on how recently you’ve played Apex Legends Mobile, a splash screen promoting the event may or may not welcome you when you initially log in. To go directly to the event hub, select “Go!” Choosing the purple “Season Event” banner on the right side of the main lobby screen will take you to the event hub if the splash screen is absent. You’ll arrive in the Hyperbeat seasonal hub after doing this.

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    Choose the “Limited-Time” tab from the Hyperbeat hub’s top menu after that. Then, from the vertical list of events that displays on the right side of the hub, choose Rising Through The Ranks. When you choose the “Limited-Time” tab, Rising Through The Ranks’ event hub is automatically displayed because it is now at the top of the event list.

    The tasks themselves are rather simple; all you have to do is reach the specified rating. Ranking higher is, however, much easier said than done. There are some decisions you can make to increase your odds of winning matches or at the very least surviving them long enough to rank up, but success in Ranked Mode frequently comes down to pure skill.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend that the goal of this game is to accumulate as many ranked points as you can, and getting kills is a great method to achieve so. It’s time to calm down, though, once you reach the RP cap for kills. It’s a good idea to think about whether going in for the kill will turn out in your favor before you attempt it, even if you haven’t reached the RP maximum. Keep thirst-killers for unranked games.

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    Having even one non-random teammate in your party can make a huge difference, even if you can’t get a whole pre-made squad. There is no reason not to use Apex Mobile’s lobby chat since it is constantly highly active and populated by friendly people looking for capable teammates for Ranked play. Make your post or reply to one made by another player. Indicate your preferred viewing angle (first or third person), rank at the time, and objective. Then form a team and get ready for the drop.

    Making it to Masters in the Rising Through The Ranks competition can be frustrating; but, it is possible if you plan and play shrewdly. It will require time, teamwork, and a lot of patience. You have plenty of time to put your team together and move up the ranks because, thankfully, the event will be active for the balance of the Ranked season. But bear in mind that you’ll need a squad that has your back if you want to become an Apex Predator; lone wolves need not apply.

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