Amazon with the help of Facebook competes with Starlink

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    Amazon VS Starlink

    Starlink and Amazon designed their systems to consist of satellites operating at low altitudes. This will help improve latency and speed of service of traditional satellite Internet providers. They traditionally operate their spacecraft in higher orbits.

    With the help of Falcon 9 rocket, Starlink has built the premier satellite constellation. They are currently offering test services to users around the world. Amazon plans to launch its first Kuiper mission shortly. This is expected to proceed after signing an agreement with United Launch Alliance (ULA) to launch vehicles earlier this year.

    Facebook provided Amazon with network engineers to develop the latter’s Kuiper satellite Internet constellation.

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    Amazon confirmed that the transaction was true, but neither it nor Facebook disclosed financial arrangements behind the transfer.

    Reporting this information also provides detailed information on the skill mix of employees transferred to Kuiper. Additionally, according to some other sources Amazon paid Facebook for transaction, but the exact amount is unknown.

    According to sources, it is not uncommon for large companies to acquire teams of employees from each other. Its just as they often acquire small companies to empower employees in various departments of their business.

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    Amazon has not yet started building its low-earth orbit satellite constellation. However, it recently lost its proposal to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to prevent SpaceX from lowering the altitude of Starlink. It also raised an objection about Starlink satellites and its elevation angle of its ground station. However they were rejected outright. Amazon argues that these changes will cause interference problems for Kuiper. This will increase the risk of space accidents because its satellites and Starlink satellites will operate closely.

    Although the committee approved SpaceX’s request, it approved it after Starlink accepted some concessions. These concessions included several restrictions such as accepting altitude restrictions on its satellites.

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