Amazon Prime Music brings 100 million Songs to its Subscribers taking direct aim at Spotify

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    The proprietors of Spotify probably paid attention to Amazon’s most recent move. 100 million songs are now available to Amazon Prime members without any additional fees. Before, customers had to choose between paying extra for Amazon Music Unlimited or making do with the two million songs that were previously accessible through Amazon Music.

    Although two million songs may seem like a lot, Amazon Music used to just have a small selection of current singles and some songs that were at the top of the charts. Now that Prime members can access it, the 100 million music library is substantially bigger.

    There are still some obvious limitations to Amazon Music, even though the adjustment might be sufficient to shake up our list of the top music apps for Windows. All 100 million songs in the library can be played by Prime members, but only in shuffle mode. They will have the option to shuffle tracks by genre, artist, or album.

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    Although that cap is enough to push some customers into premium memberships without these limitations, it gives Amazon Music a strong advantage over Spotify’s free offering.

    Many customers already consider their Prime subscription to be a stand-alone item that is valuable for a single perk, like Prime Video or expedited shipping. For many people, a free music library, or at the very least one without additional fees for Prime members, may be more than enough.

    Ads are present in Spotify’s free edition. Despite being a part of a paid membership, Amazon Music may not be considered a separate expense on its own. That effectively pits Spotify’s free tier against Amazon Music.

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