9 people detained following a violent attack on Lyon Soccer team buses, states French Government

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    Following a violent attack on buses carrying the Lyon Soccer team and fans, coach Fabio Grosso was left with a head injury. In this incident, French police have detained nine people. 

    Massive attack on Lyon Soccer buses! 9 held 

    The French police are further looking for the other suspects who might be involved with the violent attack. The fierce incident resulted in the postponement of the game at Marseille, as confirmed by the interior minister on Monday. 

    On BFM television, the Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that in the incident five police officers were injured in the attack that occurred on Sunday night. This has come as a shock to people around the globe and has drawn several concerns regarding soccer safety. 

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    It’s quite unlikely that the attack will result in disciplinary sanctions against the nine-time French champions. Because the incident happened outside the Velodrome stadium, public authorities hold the responsibility and not the club. 

    The bus was on its way to Stade Velodrome when it was attacked. Resultantly, some of the windows were destroyed and Grosso suffered a serious injury with shards of glass falling on his face. He needed immediate medical attention.

    He had a terribly bleeding face and suffered a deep cut over his left eye that required stitches and a large bandage was wrapped around his head. Assistant coach of the Lyon Soccer team, Raffaele Longo, was injured too. The bus carrying Lyon fans was not spared either. 

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    The attack came at a very bad time for the French League amid negotiations for its TV right’s sale abroad. Earlier this month, the auction of the domestic broadcast rights for the 2024-2029 span was dismissed after the league couldn’t attract bids satisfying the minimum price set. 

    olympique de marseille 1 6622589 1698663716645
    The bus of the Lyon soccer team is seen stoned before arriving at the Velodrome Stadium prior to the French League One soccer match between Olympique de Marseille and Lyon in Marseille, France, Sunday, Oct. 29, 2023. (AP Photo/Daniel Cole)

    What did the FIFA President say?

    Gianni Infantino, the FIFA President said,

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    “There is absolutely no place for violence in soccer, on or off the pitch. The competent authorities must ensure that the appropriate measures are taken.

    Without exception, in soccer, all players, coaches and fans must be safe to enjoy our sport.”

    He added a picture of Grosso with his bandaged face and wrote a message Forza Fabio. 

    Sports Minister Amelia Oudea-Castera seeks a ‘global response’ and mentioned that the French League, teams and fan groups should all take equal responsibility. 

    Incidents also happened in the seating area at Marseille’s stadium before the game was dismissed with some Lyon fans showing racist gestures to home supporters. Lyon said in a statement on Monday that it has requested surveillance videos to detect them and to keep them away from the stands. 

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