2022 Maruti Eeco: Launch Price at Rs 5.1 L | New Features and More

    According to the sources, it states that The 2022 Maruti Eeco starts at Rs. 5.10 lakh in price (ex-sh). For thousands of purchasers in the van market, the Maruti Eeco has been the default option. It has a boxy shape that assures plenty of inside room. Interior design is minimal and focused on meeting the demands of potential clients. Eeco frequently appears in India’s top 10 automobiles because it is the only vehicle of its sort there.

    The New Eeco is driven by Maruti Suzuki India Limited and has a new, more potent engine with better fuel efficiency. Maruti accomplished this by replacing the outdated G12B gasoline engine with a new K series engine. The CNG option is also available with New Eeco.

    2022 Maruti Eeco: Launched

    Mr. Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, commented on the introduction of the New Eeco by saying that since its introduction, the Eeco has been a preferred and proud choice for more than 9.75 lakh owners over the last ten years and enjoys an undisputed leadership with 93% market share in its segment.

    2022 Maruti Eeco: Launch Price at Rs 5.1 L | New Features and More
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    The New 2022 Maruti Eeco will continue to be a dependable and effective vehicle because it is a part of families and because it has supported the livelihood of thousands of merchants and entrepreneurs. It will be flexible for commercial use and will accommodate a wide range of client requirements as a comfortable, fashionable, and roomy family car.

    Moreover, he also added that this adaptable, multi-purpose van represents ownership pride and living life to the fullest thanks to its modern powertrain, enhanced mileage, and new features. It stands for a brand-new mindset that is confident in its most recent incarnation. They are sure that Eeco will gain more admiration from customers and maintain its dominance in its market.

    2022 Maruti Eeco: Launch Price at Rs 5.1 L | New Features and More
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    2022 Maruti Eeco has a new body color, Metallic Brisk Blue, a digital instrument panel, a new steering wheel, and rotary controls for the heater and air conditioner. The flat cargo floor in the New Eeco Cargo petrol variant’s interior improvements expands the cargo area by 60L.

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    2022 Maruti Eeco: Specs & Pricing

    The 2022 Maruti Eeco’s 1.2L Advanced K-series Dual Jet, Dual VVT engine is the most important improvement. It produces 10% more power and 10% more torque, with a power output of 59.4 kW (80.76 PS) at 6000 RPM and a torque output of 104.4 Nm at 3000 RPM (for petrol variants).

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    While the S-CNG version of the New Eeco boasts a 29% higher fuel efficiency and offers up to 27.05 km/kg, the petrol version of the vehicle is 25% more fuel-efficient and can travel up to 20.20 km/l. Engine immobilizer, LED hazard switch, dual airbags, ABS with EBD, kid lock for sliding doors and windows, reverse parking sensors, etc. are examples of safety features.

    Prices for the Maruti Suzuki New Eeco range from Rs. 5,10,200 for the entry-level Tour V 5-seater standard to Rs. 8,13,200 for the Eeco Ambulance. The least expensive CNG option is Eeco Cargo CNG, which costs Rs. 6,23,200.

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