Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X gets a price hike

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    The Xbox manufacturer is raising the monthly rates of its Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships for the first time next month, raising the base Game Pass subscription for consoles from $9.99 to $10.99. Except for the United States, Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia, Microsoft also raised the price of the Xbox Series X in most countries in August.

    Starting August 1st, Xbox Series X console pricing will roughly follow the price increase Sony announced for the PS5 last year, with the Xbox Series X rising to £479.99 in the UK, €549.99 in most European markets, CAD 649.99 in Canada, and AUD 799.99 in Australia. The Xbox Series S price will remain the same in all markets, at $299.99.

    While Xbox Series X pricing modifications were expected following Sony’s move last year, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer also hinted in October that subscription pricing would not be permanent.

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    Pricing for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for Console will increase on July 6th.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be reduced from $14.99 to $16.99 per month (€14.99 / £12.99). The base Xbox Game Pass for Console price will also increase to $10.99 (€10.99 / £8.99). However, Microsoft is not altering the price of the PC Game Pass.

    The Xbox Game Pass price rises will affect the majority of markets, except the Game Pass console pricing, which will remain the same in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia.


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