Xbox Game Pass: All the exciting games have been included like Halo Infinite, Among Us, and more

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    It seems that this December is going to be another fantastic month for the Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and also even is running on the steam from the November lineup of Game Pass games just like Forza Horizon 5, and it has taken  Two, and GTA San Andreas. Now, these are the big ones.

    Halo Infinite is going to launch on  8th December and also will be available on day one of the releases on Xbox Game Pass for4 PC consoles and also for the cloud users. It is not over for this month, you also can expect Among Us set to come to this consoles on 14th December along with the Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it is now available for the console and also for the PC users along with plenty of the other games.

    Halo Infinite, Among Us, & More Join Xbox Game Pass in December 2021

    Halo Infinite on Launch Day One on Xbox Game Pass

    The campaign of Halo Infinite is launching on 8th December for Xbox PC and also for cloud users. It is still available on day one for  Xbox Game Pass users and you also will be able to jump straight on the day.  This Halo Infinite multiplayer has a  surprise launch  on 15th November In the form of beta, but it will experience the entire launch on 8th December along with the slew of the latest updates for the free to play multiplayer

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    Halo Infinite Launch Time

    • Australia – 5 AM AET (Dec. 9)
    • Brazil – 3 PM BRT (Dec. 8)
    • China – 2 AM CST (Dec. 9)
    • France – 7 PM CET (Dec. 8)
    • Germany – 7 PM CET (Dec. 8)
    • Japan – 3 AM JST (Dec. 9)
    • Mexico – 12 PM CT (Dec. 8)
    • South Korea – 3 AM JST (Dec. 9)
    • United States – 10 AM PT (Dec. 8)
    • United Kingdom – 6 PM GMT, Dec. 8)

    Halo Infinite will launch at the exact time across the world.  If you are just playing the ham on a digital mode then this is when  Halo Infinite will unlock for playing in our time zone. In the US Halo Infinite will be available at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT on 8th December for the Xbox Game Pass users on the PC, console, and also the cloud.

    December 2021 Xbox Game Pass: Halo Infinite, Among Us, and more – XijiGame

    Halo-Infinite: Game Preload

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    Xbox Game Pass members also can recently pre-install this game through the Xbox Game Pass application on their mobile PC. It will navigate to Halo Infinite on the app and will click on the install on your chosen console.

    Halo Infinite’s on Xbox Series X is 74.3 GB, when on PC  it can clock up to 100 GB. The entire campaign has taken up to the 48.4  GB on the console, 25.9 GB for the multiplayer. You can observe these numbers directly onto the console after pre-loading the game. It will come from the Steam pages of the game. You can see that it is 50 GB for the campaign and also 50 GB for the multiplayer.

    Xbox Game Pass: All the Games Coming and Going for December 2021

    Games coming on Xbox Game Pass in December 2021

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    • ANVIL (Game Preview) – December 2 [Console, PC)
    • Archive – December 2 (Console, PC, Cloud)
    • Final Fantasy XIII-2 – December 2 (Console, PC)
    • Lawn Mowing Simulator – December 2 (Console, PC, Cloud)
    • Rubber Bandits – December 2 (Console, PC, Cloud)
    • Stardew Valley – December 2 (Console, PC, Cloud)
    • Townscape – December 2 (Console, PC)
    • Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – December 2 (Console, PC)
    • Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator – December 7 (Console, PC, Cloud)
    • Halo Infinite – December 8 (Console, PC, Cloud)
    • One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – December 9 (Console, PC, Cloud)
    • Aliens: Fireteam Elite – December 14 (Console, PC)
    • Among Us – December 14 (Console)
    • The Gunk – December 16 (Console, PC, Cloud)
    Xbox Game Pass December 2021: 12 new games this month - best unique deal

    Game Pass Deals in December 2021

    Recently, Microsoft has been offering 3 months of Xbox  Game Pass for the PC for only $1.  It will be eligible for the both first time and also for the past subscribers. There is available a trick for converting these 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC into 4 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

    It will mainly require paying an additional month of the Xbox Game  Pass Ultimate. It indicates that the latest subscribers will also pay a total of $2 for the 4 months of the Ultimate while those who have subscribers in the past and will pay a total of $125.99.

    Here are the steps to get the total deal:

    If you’re new to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

    1. Sign up for Xbox Game Pass for PC for $1 (3 months)
    2. Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 (1 month)
    3. The total cost for 4 months will be $2

    If you’ve had Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

    1. Sign up for Xbox Game Pass for PC for $1 (3 months)
    2. Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99 (1 month)
    3. The total cost for 4 months will be $15.99
    Halo Infinite PC Performance Review: A Demanding Title | NDTV Gadgets 360

    Game Pass Ultimate: Users will get Monthly Bonuses for Halo infinite

    It is good news that Xbox game Pass Ultimate users will now get access to the monthly bonuses in Halo Infinite, just after signing up for the service.  The first of it will come with the release on 8th December., Game Pass Ultimate users also will be able for getting all of their hands to an exclusive ‘Pass Tense’ MA40 Assault Rifle coating.

    Xbox Game Pass leaving the game name in December 2021

    Here is the list of everything that is leaving in December 2021. It contains Destiny 2  Beyond Light, Guacamelee! 2,  Beholder, and also more.

    • Destiny 2: Beyond Light (Console, Cloud) – December 8
    • Beholder (Console, Cloud) – December 15
    • The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (Console, PC) – December 15
    • Guacamelee! 2 (Console, PC, Cloud) – December 15
    • Wilmot’s Warehouse (Console, PC, Cloud) – December 15
    • Unto The End (Console, PC, Cloud) – December 15
    • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Console, PC, Cloud) – December 15
    Sony to finally launch an Xbox Game Pass competitor on PlayStation

    Sony as a Game Pass Competitor for PlayStation

    Sony is still working on the service for competing Xbox Game Pass service, and it has been named, “Spartacus” it is very similar to the Game Pass, PlayStation owners also can pay a monthly fee for access to the library of the modern and also about the classic games.

    It is a new service that has been expected to launch in the spring of 2022 and it will also mrer5ge  the two of the existing subscription services like PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

    A big thanks for the source.

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