Xbox will increase its Prices after the Holiday Season this year

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    Due to logistical and supply chain challenges, businesses have had to increase the pricing of some products during the past few months. Now it appears that Xbox might be the following company to impose a pricing increase. Xbox’s CEO, Phil Spencer, declared to a crowd at a Wall Street Journal event that he anticipates price increases for Xbox goods and services in the future.

    Spencer doesn’t specify which goods might have price increases in his reply. He can be referring to all consoles, services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, or certain accessories, or he might be speaking generally.

    It wouldn’t be the first time we’d seen a console’s price increase whether he’s referring to the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S.

    For a few locations, including Canada, Europe, the UK, Japan, China, Mexico, and Australia, PlayStation announced a price rise back in August. Additionally, earlier this year, Meta raised the cost of the Quest 2 by $100.

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    Microsoft kept offering their consoles for the initial price even after PlayStation announced a price rise. While stating that it is “constantly analyzing” its business in terms of pricing, the corporation never explicitly stated that it wouldn’t contemplate raising the price.

    Thankfully, it looks like price rises won’t be a problem until at least after the holidays. It’s possible that Microsoft chose to wait until after the holidays as a way to keep pricing reasonable during the busiest shopping season of the year.

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