Xbox Cloud Gaming: Microsoft reveals more than 20 million Users have used its service

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    During the company’s first-quarter fiscal 2023 earnings call on Tuesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that more than 20 million users had streamed games using Xbox Cloud Gaming. The 10 million figure Microsoft published earlier this year, right before Epic Games and Microsoft teamed up to offer Fortnite to Xbox Cloud Gaming, has been doubled.

    It’s obvious that the relationship has helped Xbox Cloud Gaming, especially considering that it’s the only game that can be played without an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and is completely free through the service.

    It’s unclear how other streaming services are doing in comparison, even though Xbox Cloud Gaming is expanding. Before abruptly announcing that its game streaming service will expire in January 2023, Google never released Stadia stats. We haven’t heard from Amazon on its Luna figures, and Nvidia doesn’t frequently release GeForce Now subscriber numbers.

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    Although Xbox Cloud Gaming still primarily requires a $14.99 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, Microsoft may start to allow additional free-to-play games after the Fortnite experiment.

    Xbox Cloud Gaming
    credit: ithome

    Customers can stream games for free using their phones or web browsers, and Microsoft makes money from in-game sales. You might anticipate Microsoft to expand on this strategy in the future beyond Fortnite.

    Microsoft is now working on adding keyboard and mouse support for Xbox Cloud Gaming, delivering the service to Meta Quest VR devices later this year, and increasing the number of games that are accessible from your game library.

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