Xavi reveals Barcelona are suffering from a psychological issue

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    Barcelona has been knocked out of the Champions League group stage for the first time in 17 years. Back when Barcelona played in the second tier of European tournament is was known as the UEFA Cup. So they will be playing in the Europa League for the first time this season.

    The Spanish giants are also struggling domestically. Koeman was sacked and was replaced by another club legend Xavi but the results haven’t been improved. So Xavi has now revealed that the problem Barcelona are facing is a psychological one.

    Xavi reveals Barcelona are suffering from a psychological issue

    Xavi told the press conference, via Marca: “It is a psychological issue rather than a football one,”

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    “They have to believe it and that is my job. We are encouraging them to dare and be brave. At Barcelona, it’s not worth playing 6/10 or 7/10. You have to aim for excellence.”

    “This is what is missing. Courage, aiming high and not low because that is not what Barcelona do.”

    “Being brave and understanding the game, we are not that far from what we want.”

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    “The squad has the level to compete and win titles. In the Bayern game there was also a psychological aspect, but also [a sign that] habits have been lost.”

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    Xavi hopes to improve the team in the January transfer window despite Barcelona facing financial problems as well.

    Xavi said: “The team always has to improve.”

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    “There is a market and it is an opportunity. There is a lot of communication. It was a very productive meeting. I was clear. We have a financial problem, but we have to work to improve the team, the squad and be more competitive.”

    “I discussed it with the president and the board, but now is not the time to talk about it because tomorrow’s game is key. We are concerned about the present.”

    Xavi further added that the defeat to Bayern Munich is behind them and now they are at the start of a building process. He said: “[We need to] make a general reset.”

    “First, [we need to] encourage the team. There cannot be the feeling that defeat is something established. You have to demand more soul, commitment, dedication and professionalism.”

    “With very demanding training. A cycle has ended and now a new Barcelona [era] begins.”

    “I remain optimistic. Tomorrow is another final, we can’t lose any more points. We have no choice but to compete, cheer up because there is much left.”

    “We are not in the best moment in the club’s history, but you have to be happy, to cheer up.”

    “We have improved, but against Bayern we saw an inferior Barcelona. We have to accept that they are better. We are working to get Barcelona back where they deserve.”

    “Tomorrow we have a very complicated game because Osasuna defend very well. Against the big teams, they have played with a back-five.”

    “We have to be protagonists in the game and attack. I do not know if they will pressure high up. It will be complicated because they defend very well in the area. They play direct football, a team with soul. We are prepared to compete.”

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