Windows 365 and PCs in the cloud: Microsoft

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    Windows 365 is a new service for creating PCs in the cloud

    Microsoft puts Windows in the cloud. Windows 365 is a new service that allows companies to access PCs in the cloud from anywhere, streaming Windows10 or Windows11 versions in a web browser.

    Virtualization and remote access of PCs have existed for long. However, Microsoft is relying on Windows 365 to bring cloud PCs to enterprises.

    Windows 365 can run in any modern web browser or through Microsoft’s remote desktop application. “Windows365 provides an instant start experience,” said Wangui McKelvey, general manager of Microsoft365. This instant access allows workers to stream their Windows sessions. They can use all the same applications, tools, data, and settings they have on Macs, iPads, Linux machines, and Android devices.

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    Windows 365 will only be available for business use when it launches on August 2nd. Each user pays a monthly subscription fee. Microsoft will not list the exact pricing until the service is launched next month, but Windows365 is designed for single-person businesses and is suitable for businesses with thousands of employees.

    Windows 365 will have two editions: business edition and enterprise edition. Both are compatible with Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft provides 12 different configurations for Windows365 Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. Businesses will be able to expand processing power, so there will be many options to choose from.

    Arcadia’s history dates back to 2013, when Microsoft demonstrated that Halo ran on Windows Phone. This initial virtualization work eventually led to Windows 365 and focused on making it consumer friendly.

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    The pandemic accelerated the work of Windows365 and Microsoft’s broader focus on hybrid work. Moreover, in the past year, Microsoft has continuously improved Microsoft Teams. Lastly, demonstrated its vision for the future of meetings, remote work, and more.

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