Wimbledon 2022 offers no ranking points but announces a record prize money of 40.3 million pounds

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    Reports state that Wimbledon 2022 will see the accommodation of no ranking points. However, for this year’s championship, they will dish out a record prize money of 40.3 million pounds, which stands at 50.5 million dollars. In addition to that, Wimbledon 2022 will host capacity crowds for the first time in three years, concerning the fact that the dangerous COVID19 situation has now become gentle.

    The iconic grass-court grand slam had its ranking points taken away by the ATP ranking of men and WTA ranking of women as it opted to exclude Russia as well as Belarus, concerning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Though Moscow has called this invasion a special operation, and on the other hand, Belarus has also been a key area for this invasion. Hence this decision is taken for Wimbledon 2022.

    Chairman of all England club on Wimbledon 2022

    The organizers stated on Thursday that, both the champions including men and women will receive 2 million pounds each. The chairman of All England Club, Ian Hewitt said in this regard that from the first round of the qualifying competition to the champions being crowned, the prize distribution this year aims to reflect the importance of the players to the championships. Last year, the total prize money was above 35 million pounds, with Novak Djokovic and Ash Barty receiving 1.7 million pounds respectively, after they were crowned the champions.

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    The hype for the iconic tennis championship

    Wimbledon 2022 has been much hyped among the fans for a long, as this iconic tennis championship is one of the most popular among all, and to many, it is the most favorite. We’ve seen the legendary Roger Federer reign on the grass-court for years, and it is to be seen who emerges victoriously this year. The competition will start on June 27 and will go on till July 10.

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